There are many airline credit cards available today, but it is up to you to earn the most miles/points possible and receive a good credit score rating. You will find how to earn bonus miles, use business expenses to your advantage, and how to turn normal purchases/budget expenses into miles/points. Let’s discuss in more detail how to maximize your card’s earning potential.

Bonus Miles/Points

Some airline credit cards will give a new card holder bonus miles for choosing their card or even give double miles/points when you purchase airline tickets. A little investigation into what each card offers before applying can save you, not only in interest and fees, but in actual miles/points as well. In fact, some airline credit cards offer as much as 25,000 miles just for choosing their card!  So, doing a little research in this area will definitely be to your advantage in getting the most miles/points as quickly as possible. Moreover, that can add up to having a good credit score rating.

Double Miles/Points

Another avenue of quickly adding miles/points to your account is by receiving double miles/points for airline ticket purchases. Check to see if the airline credit card companies you are interested in will double miles/points for the purchase cost of a regular ticket charge. If you travel frequently due to business or for personal reasons, these types of miles/points credits could really add up quickly.

Business Expenses and Tickets

As a business owner, you can use your airline credit card for business expenses. Not only that, you can also earn miles to help offset the expense of your employees’ airline tickets for their business trips. 

For personal benefit, another approach is to charge business expenses to your airline miles credit card that will be eventually reimbursed by your employer. When you receive your travel check from your employer, make sure you pay the balance owed by the due date. That way, you can have miles/points earned for a well-earned vacation!

Earning Maximum Miles/Points and keep the Interest Costs down

Many airline miles credit cards have a higher interest rate than other cards. To effectively use your airline credit card without running up unnecessarily high interest charges, here’s what you can do:

1) Use your card to purchase as many items as possible. You may include paying off your monthly bills without going over your usual monthly expenses already budgeted; 

2) Immediately pay off any balances when your airline credit card statement arrives.  

What will this accomplish?  

1) It will credit your account with the maximum miles/points without incurring the high interest rates; 

2) Since you are earning miles/points quickly, you can enjoy the reward of going on more trips. You can also go to a more exotic destination than by just occasionally using your airline miles credit card.   

Rewards and Best Credit Score Rating

There are so many ways you can reap the rewards of your airline miles credit card. You can save money for your business expenses and finally able to take that dream vacation. Also, you can bring home your child from college or living far away. You can have it for unlimited uses and unlimited dreams.   


It is up to you how quickly your reward miles/points add up. These ideas are very simple, but if used properly, it will give you maximum benefits with minimal costs.

Here is a quick checklist for your reference: 

1) Research alone can add up to 25,000 miles on your new card; 

2) Add some miles from airline ticket purchases; 

3) Business expenses–either actual business or personal business can be used to offset future business expenses or used to enable personal trips.

4) Finally, converting simple costs of daily purchases/budgetary expenses into miles/points will give you countless opportunities to earn miles and points. This will help you guarantee your good credit score rating. I think you will definitely find that these methods will enable you to earn miles and points quickly with your new airline credit card.